MSdpAttributeValueVisitor Class Reference

#include <btsdp.h>

class MSdpAttributeValueVisitor
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidEndListL()
virtual IMPORT_C voidMSAVV_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUid, void *&)
pure virtual voidStartListL(CSdpAttrValueList &)
pure virtual voidVisitAttributeValueL(CSdpAttrValue &, TSdpElementType)

Detailed Description

Abstract interface that can be implemented to receive an enumeration of the values in an attribute list.

The class member functions are called by an CSdpAttrValue (or one of its sub-classes) object when CSdpAttrValue::AcceptVisitorL() is called.

Note that:

When AcceptVisitorL() is called on attributes that are not lists (not DEA or DES), only VisitAttributeValueL() is called, passing the attribute value object itself (i.e. *this), and the value attribute type.

When AcceptVisitorL() is called on attributes that are lists (DEA or DES), VisitAttributeValueL() is called for each member of the list

This implements the standard Visitor pattern.

See also: CSdpAttrValue::AcceptVisitorL()

Member Function Documentation

EndListL ( )

voidEndListL()[pure virtual]

Called to indicate the end of a list of attribute values.

MSAVV_ExtensionInterfaceL ( TUid, void *& )

IMPORT_C voidMSAVV_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUidaInterface,
void *&aObject

Returns a null aObject if the extension is not implemented, or a pointer to another interface if it is. This virtual function allows the M- classes to be extended in future in a binary compatible way by providing a method that clients can override in future to allow extra callbacks to be made via aObject.

aInterfaceUID of the interface to return
aObjectthe container for another interface as specified by aInterface

StartListL ( CSdpAttrValueList & )

voidStartListL(CSdpAttrValueList &aList)[pure virtual]

Called to indicate the start of a list of attribute values.

This call is followed by a call to VisitAttributeValueL() for each attribute value in the list, and concluded by a call to EndList().

aListAttribute value list

VisitAttributeValueL ( CSdpAttrValue &, TSdpElementType )

voidVisitAttributeValueL(CSdpAttrValue &aValue,
)[pure virtual]

Called to pass an attribute value.

aValueAttribute value
aTypeValue type