CSdpAttrValueUint Class Reference

#include <btsdp.h>

Link against: sdpdatabase.lib

class CSdpAttrValueUint : public CSdpAttrValue

Inherits from

Detailed Description

A unsigned integer value of an attribute.

The value can be up to 128 bits in size. You need to choose to use either Uint() for up to 32 bit size, Uint64() for up to 64 bit size or Uint128() for up to 128 bit size. The size can be found using DataSize(). If the incorrect function is used the code will panic.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CSdpAttrValueUint ( )



Member Function Documentation

DataSize ( )

TUint DataSize()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from CSdpAttrValue::DataSize()const

Gets the size of the attribute.

Returns: Size of the attribute in bytes

Des ( )

const TPtrC8Des()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from CSdpAttrValue::Des()const

Gets the value as a data buffer.

Returns: Attribute value

DoesIntFit ( )

TBool DoesIntFit()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from CSdpAttrValue::DoesIntFit()const

Tests if the attribute can be stored in an integer value.

Returns: True if the attribute can be stored in an integer value

NewUintL ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C CSdpAttrValueUint *NewUintL(const TDesC8 &aUint)[static]

Allocates and constructs a new CSdpAttrValueUint object.

aUintBuffer containing an unsigned integer value for the attribute

Returns: New CSdpAttrValueUint object

SetUintValue ( const TDesC8 & )

IMPORT_C voidSetUintValue(const TDesC8 &aValue)

Replaces the current value.

USER 23 if the supplied value is too long.
aValueThe new value. The provided value must not exceed KSdpMaxUintSize.

Type ( )

TSdpElementType Type()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from CSdpAttrValue::Type()const

Gets the attribute type.

Returns: Attribute type. Always ETypeUint.

Uint ( )

TUint Uint()const [virtual]

Reimplemented from CSdpAttrValue::Uint()const

Gets the value as an unsigned integer type.

The size of the unsigned integer should be checked with DataSize() before calling.

Returns: Attribute value