TDes16Overflow Class Reference

#include <e32des16.h>

class TDes16Overflow
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidOverflow(TDes16 &)

Detailed Description

An interface that defines an overflow handler for a 16-bit descriptor.

The interface encapsulates a function that is called when an attempt to append formatted text fails because the descriptor is already at its maximum length.

A derived class must provide an implementation for the Overflow() member function.

See also: TDes16::AppendFormat

Member Function Documentation

Overflow ( TDes16 & )

voidOverflow(TDes16 &aDes)[pure virtual]

Handles the overflow.

This function is called when the TDes16::AppendFormat() variant that takes an overflow handler argument, fails.

aDesThe 16-bit modifiable descriptor whose overflow results in the call to this overflow handler.