CVPbkSortOrder Class Reference

#include <app/CVPbkSortOrder.h>

class CVPbkSortOrder : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CVPbkSortOrder

    Detailed Description

    Virtual Phonebook sort order. This class can be used to create a sort order, which is needed when creating Virtual Phonebook views. The sort order determines how the view is sorted by setting a field type priority list.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    ~CVPbkSortOrder ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    ContainsSame ( const MVPbkFieldType & )

    TBool ContainsSame(const MVPbkFieldType &aFieldType)const

    FieldTypeAt ( TInt )

    const MVPbkFieldType &FieldTypeAt(TIntaIndex)const

    FieldTypeCount ( )

    TInt FieldTypeCount()const

    Find ( TInt )

    const MVPbkFieldType *Find(TIntaFieldTypeResId)const

    FindMatch ( const TVPbkFieldVersitProperty &, TInt )

    const MVPbkFieldType *FindMatch(const TVPbkFieldVersitProperty &aMatchProperty,

    FindMatch ( TVPbkNonVersitFieldType )

    const MVPbkFieldType *FindMatch(TVPbkNonVersitFieldTypeaNonVersitType)const

    MaxMatchPriority ( )

    TInt MaxMatchPriority()const

    NewL ( TResourceReader &, const MVPbkFieldTypeList & )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkSortOrder *NewL(TResourceReader &aReader,
    const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aMasterFieldTypeList

    Constructs new sort order from a VPBK_FIELD_TYPE_MAPPING_LIST resource.


    if a matching field type is not found from aFieldTypeList.

    aReaderResource reader pointing to a VPBK_FIELD_TYPE_MAPPING_LIST resource.
    aMasterFieldTypeListMaster field type list types from the resource are mapped against.

    NewL ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList & )

    IMPORT_C CVPbkSortOrder *NewL(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aSortOrder)[static]

    Creates a new sort order from an existing one.

    aSortOrderThe sort order to duplicate.

    Set ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList & )

    IMPORT_C voidSet(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aSortOrder)

    Sets new fields types for this sort order from the list. This will not leave because SetReserveL has to be called in advance to reserve space for sort order field types.

    aSortOrderPriority ordered list of field types used as the sort order. SetReserveL called with a proper sort order length.

    SetReserveL ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C voidSetReserveL(TIntaSortOrderLength)

    Reserves aSortOrderLength items for the sort order length. This quarantees that following Set() call will not leave because of memory allocation failure. If more than aSortOrderLength items are provided in following Set() calls, rest of the field types are ignored.


    if aSortOrderLength <= 0

    aSortOrderLengthNumber of field types to reserve space for.