RBitmapAnim Class Reference

#include <mw/bmpancli.h>

class RBitmapAnim : public RAnim

Inherits from

  • RBitmapAnim

    Detailed Description

    Enables a client to package animation data, and send it to the window server for display.

    Before using RBitmapAnim, a client must instantiate an RAnimDll. This provides a reference to the window server DLL that runs the animation specified through the RBitmapAnim() object. To complete construction, call ConstructL().

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    RBitmapAnim ( RAnimDll & )

    IMPORT_CRBitmapAnim(RAnimDll &aAnimDll)

    Member Function Documentation

    ConstructL ( const RWindowBase & )

    IMPORT_C voidConstructL(const RWindowBase &aWindow)

    DisplayFrameL ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C voidDisplayFrameL(TIntaIndex)

    SetBitmapAnimDataL ( const CBitmapAnimClientData & )

    IMPORT_C voidSetBitmapAnimDataL(const CBitmapAnimClientData &aBitmapAnimData)

    SetFlashL ( TBool )

    IMPORT_C voidSetFlashL(TBoolaFlash)

    SetFrameIntervalL ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C voidSetFrameIntervalL(TIntaFrameIntervalInMilliSeconds)

    SetNumberOfCyclesL ( TInt )

    IMPORT_C voidSetNumberOfCyclesL(TIntaNumberOfCycles)

    SetPlayModeL ( CBitmapAnimClientData::TPlayMode )

    IMPORT_C voidSetPlayModeL(CBitmapAnimClientData::TPlayModeaPlayMode)

    SetPositionL ( TPoint )

    IMPORT_C voidSetPositionL(TPointaPosition)

    StartL ( )

    IMPORT_C voidStartL()

    StopL ( )

    IMPORT_C voidStopL()