TASCliSoundPlayDefinition Class Reference

#include <mw/asclisoundplay.h>

Link against: alarmclient.lib

class TASCliSoundPlayDefinition

Detailed Description

Defines when alarm sounds are to be played, and for how long.

Alarm sounds are played according to intervals that consist of a duration and an offset.

The duration is the number of seconds that the alarm sound plays.

The offset is the number of minutes after the alarm expires that the alarm sound plays.

The sound play definition is set using class RASCliSession.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TASCliSoundPlayDefinition ( )


Default constructor.

The default offset is zero, and the default duration is 30 seconds.

TASCliSoundPlayDefinition ( TTimeIntervalMinutes, TTimeIntervalSeconds )


Constructor that initializes the offset and duration to specified values.

aOffsetTime in minutes for the offset.
aDurationTime in seconds for the duration.

Member Function Documentation

Duration ( )

TTimeIntervalSeconds Duration()const [inline]

Retrieves the duration.

Returns: The duration in seconds.

Offset ( )

TTimeIntervalMinutes Offset()const [inline]

Retrieves the offset.

Returns: The offset in minutes.