Address Class Reference

#include <mw/messagingbus/address.h>

class Address

MB address permits manipulation of jid and application id values.

Public Member Functions
Address(const Address &)
virtual ~Address()
const QString &applicationId()
Jid jid()
Address &operator=(const Address &)
voidsetApplicationId(const QString &)
voidsetJid(const Jid &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Address ( )


Constructor Creates the AddressData object.

Address ( const Address & )

Address(const Address &other)

Copy Constructor.

other - Address& class type parameter

~Address ( )



Member Function Documentation

applicationId ( )

const QString &applicationId()const

Returns a QString& type containing application ID.

jid ( )

Jid jid()const

Returns a Jid type.

operator= ( const Address & )

Address &operator=(const Address &rhs)

Operator =, protect against self-assignment.

setApplicationId ( const QString & )

voidsetApplicationId(const QString &id)

Method used for setting application ID.

id - uses a QString& type parameter

setJid ( const Jid & )

voidsetJid(const Jid &jid)

Method used for setting jid value.

jid - Jid& type parameter