MEikSrvNotifierManager Class Reference

#include <mw/eiknotapi.h>

Link against: eiksrv.lib

class MEikSrvNotifierManager
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidCancelNotifier(TUid)
pure virtual voidStartNotifierL(TUid, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &)
pure virtual voidUpdateNotifierL(TUid, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &)
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Interface to allow notifiers to manage their own startup/shutdown. This class is likely to be of most interest to notifiers that observe engines using publically available APIs rather than those that are run via RNotifier.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MEikSrvNotifierManager ( )


Constructor for MEikSrvNotifierManager

Member Function Documentation

CancelNotifier ( TUid )

voidCancelNotifier(TUidaNotifierUid)[pure virtual]

StartNotifierL ( TUid, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 & )

const TDesC8 &aBuffer,
TDes8 &aResponse
)[pure virtual]

UpdateNotifierL ( TUid, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 & )

const TDesC8 &aBuffer,
TDes8 &aResponse
)[pure virtual]