NokiaAnalyticsCollector::ApplicationParameters Class Reference

#include <analyticscollector.h>

Link against: analyticscollector.lib

class NokiaAnalyticsCollector::ApplicationParameters
Public Member Functions
ApplicationParameters(const QString &, const QString &)
ApplicationParameters(const ApplicationParameters &)
virtual ~ApplicationParameters()
QString agentName()
QString agentVersion()
CustomParams customApplicationParams()
QString language()
QString origin()
voidsetAgentName(const QString &)
voidsetAgentVersion(const QString &)
voidsetCustomApplicationParams(const CustomParams &)
voidsetLanguage(const QString &)
voidsetOrigin(const QString &)
uint trackingFrequency()

Detailed Description

Application parameters for analytics collector session.

This API is deprecated. Use Analytics::Session and Analytics::Application classes instead (analyticsnokia.h)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApplicationParameters ( const QString &, const QString & )

ApplicationParameters(const QString &agentName,
const QString &agentVersion

Constructs a ApplicationParameters with the given agentName and agentVersion.

ApplicationParameters ( const ApplicationParameters & )

ApplicationParameters(const ApplicationParameters &)

Copy constructor.

~ApplicationParameters ( )


Destroys the ApplicationParameters object.

Member Function Documentation

agentName ( )

QString agentName()const

Name of the user agent (i.e. application) that is creating this session.

agentVersion ( )

QString agentVersion()const

Version of the user agent (i.e. application) that is creating this session.

customApplicationParams ( )

CustomParams customApplicationParams()const

Freely definable application parameters to be logged as key-value pairs, where `key : string` and value is of either text or numeric data.

isAnonymous ( )


Select the used profile type. The anonymous profile has a separate unique id from the identified profile, and does not include the IMEI, IMSI or Nokia Account ID information. The anonymous profile should be used if for privacy reasons the information reported by the application cannot be associated to the user identity.

isBearerReporting ( )


Select whether bearer changes are to be reported or not.

language ( )

QString language()const

Application language e.g. "en-US". Formatted according to IETF BCP 47 ( See also

origin ( )

QString origin()const

Application installation origin from predefined ones or custom string from the application.

setAgentName ( const QString & )

voidsetAgentName(const QString &)

setAgentVersion ( const QString & )

voidsetAgentVersion(const QString &)

setAnonymous ( bool )


setBearerReporting ( bool )


setCustomApplicationParams ( const CustomParams & )

voidsetCustomApplicationParams(const CustomParams &)

setLanguage ( const QString & )

voidsetLanguage(const QString &)

setOrigin ( const QString & )

voidsetOrigin(const QString &)

setTrackingFrequency ( uint )


trackingFrequency ( )

uint trackingFrequency()const

Session tracking frequency (inversely proportional), e.g. 5 record events in 1 of every 5 sessions, on average. Higher value means less frequent tracking. Minimum value is 1, which means events for all sessions are recorded.