MLlcpConnLessListener Class Reference

#include <mw/llcpconnlesslistener.h>

class MLlcpConnLessListener
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MLlcpConnLessListener()
pure virtual voidFrameReceived(MLlcpConnLessTransporter *)

Detailed Description

The MLlcpConnLessListener interface provides applications a way for getting notified when a remote device has sent data frames via using connection-less transport layer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MLlcpConnLessListener ( )

~MLlcpConnLessListener()[inline, virtual]

Empty Destructor

Member Function Documentation

FrameReceived ( MLlcpConnLessTransporter * )

voidFrameReceived(MLlcpConnLessTransporter *aConnection)[pure virtual]

Called when remote device has sent data frames by using connection-less transport layer to this service access point. This callback is called only when there is no MLlcpConnLessTransporter object to represent this connection.

Ownership of MLlcpConnLessTransporter object is transferred to implementer of this interface.

This callback must return quickly and should not perform any extensive processing.