TApaPictureFactory Class Reference

#include <mw/apgdoor.h>

Link against: apgrfx.lib

class TApaPictureFactory : public MPictureFactory, public MPictureFactory

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Public Member Functions
TApaPictureFactory(CApaProcess *)
virtual IMPORT_C voidNewPictureL(TPictureHeader &, const CStreamStore &)
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

A factory class for instantiating and restoring an application's door.

A door factory object is constructed by the UI environment and can be accessed by calling CEikonEnv::PictureFactory().

See also: CEikonEnv::PictureFactory() CApaDoor

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TApaPictureFactory ( CApaProcess * )

IMPORT_CTApaPictureFactory(CApaProcess *aAppProcess)

Constructs a door factory object for the specified application process.

aAppProcessThe application process.

TApaPictureFactory ( )


Constructor for TApaPictureFactory

Member Function Documentation

NewPictureL ( TPictureHeader &, const CStreamStore & )

IMPORT_C voidNewPictureL(TPictureHeader &aPictureHeader,
const CStreamStore &aPictureStore
)const [virtual]

Reimplemented from MPictureFactory::NewPictureL(TPictureHeader &,const CStreamStore &)const

Constructs and restores an application's door (picture) from a stream in the specified store.

The restored door is a CApaDoor type object.

Note that the function can leave with KErrNoMemory if creation of the CApaDoor object fails.

See also: TPictureHeader TPictureHeader::iPicture

aPictureHeaderThe header identifying the door to be restored. The UID identifying the door must be KUidPictureTypeDoor, otherwise the function leaves with KErrNotSupported. On entry, the door picture must be represented by a stream ID, otherwise the function leaves with KErrBadHandle; on return, the door picture is represented by a pointer to an internalized CApaDoor object.
aPictureStoreThe store from which the door will be restored.

SetIconSize ( TSize )


Sets the size of the icon.

aIconSizeInTwipsThe size of the icon, in twips.