miutdef.h File Reference

Typedef TMsvEmailTypeList

typedef TUint TMsvEmailTypeList

Type for email creation flags used in the aMsvEmailTypeList parameter of CImEmailOperation functions.

See also: KMsvEmailTypeListMHTMLMessage KMsvEmailTypeListInvisibleMessage KMsvEmailTypeListMessageInPreparation


const TMsvEmailTypeListKMsvEmailTypeListMHTMLMessage

Flags that a new message should be of MHTML type.

If this is not set, a plain-text message is created.

See also: TMsvEmailTypeList


const TMsvEmailTypeListKMsvEmailTypeListInvisibleMessage

Flags that a new message should be invisible.

See also: TMsvEmailTypeList


const TMsvEmailTypeListKMsvEmailTypeListMessageInPreparation

Flags that a new message should have the "in preparation" flag set.

See also: TMsvEmailTypeList