TFepOnOrOffKeyData Class Reference

#include <mw/fepbconfig.h>

Link against: fepbase.lib

class TFepOnOrOffKeyData

Detailed Description

On or off key data for FEPs.

The CCoeFep class uses instances of this class to specify the key combination which is used to turn the FEP on and off. These values are initialised during construction of the FEP (see CCoeFep::BaseConstructL()).

The class consists of three TUints. They represent:

  • the character code of the key combination

  • a modifier mask which indicates which modifiers are relevant to the key combination

  • the modifier values which indicate which of the modifiers specified in the modifier mask must be on and which must be off

For example, if the key combination to turn the FEP off is Fn+Enter, where the Shift modifier must not be down (and the state of all other modifiers is irrelevant), the TFepOnOrOffKeyData object would be constructed as follows:

TFepOnOrOffKeyData(EKeyEnter, EModifierFunc|EModifierShift, EModifierFunc) 

Note that modifiers should not be set in the values if they are not also set in the mask.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TFepOnOrOffKeyData ( TUint, TUint, TUint )


The C++ constructor is used to construct the key data object with the character code, the modifier mask and the modifier values.

aCharacterCodeForFoldedMatchThe character code.
aModifierMaskThe modifier mask.
aModifierValuesThe modifier values.

Member Function Documentation

CharacterCodeForFoldedMatch ( )

TUint CharacterCodeForFoldedMatch()const [inline]

Gets the character code.

Return Value
The character code.

ModifierMask ( )

TUint ModifierMask()const [inline]

Gets the modifier mask.

Return Value
The modifier mask.

ModifierValues ( )

TUint ModifierValues()const [inline]

Gets the modifier values.

Return Value
The modifier values.

operator!= ( const TFepOnOrOffKeyData & )

IMPORT_C TBooloperator!=(const TFepOnOrOffKeyData &aAnother)const

Checks if 2 TFepOnOrOffKeyData objects do not have the the same values.

returns Etrue if the 2 objects have the same values, EFalse otherwise

operator== ( const TFepOnOrOffKeyData & )

IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TFepOnOrOffKeyData &aAnother)const

Checks if 2 TFepOnOrOffKeyData objects have the same values.

returns Etrue if the 2 objects have the same values, EFalse otherwise