QFaceDetection Class Reference

#include <imagerecognition/qface.h>

Link against: qfacelib.lib

class QFaceDetection
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C QList< QFaceInfo >detectFaces(QImage, QFaceDataBase *)

Detailed Description

QFaceDetection class is used for face detection and returns the region of interest, Incase given database information it will also return the name.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QFaceDetection ( )


~QFaceDetection ( )


Member Function Documentation

detectFaces ( QImage, QFaceDataBase * )

IMPORT_C QList< QFaceInfo >detectFaces(QImageaImage,
QFaceDataBase *db = NULL

dbBy default the value is null and if supplied then the return type contains the name information as well.
Return Value
QList<QFaceInfo> returns the list of QFaceInfo