TImPop3PopulateOptions Class Reference

#include <mw/pop3set.h>

Link against: imcm.lib

class TImPop3PopulateOptions
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TIntMaxEmailSize()
IMPORT_C TIntPopulationLimit()
IMPORT_C voidSetMaxEmailSize(TInt)
IMPORT_C voidSetPopulationLimit(TInt)
IMPORT_C voidUnpackL(const TDesC8 &, TImPop3PopulateOptions &)

Detailed Description

Use to specify the population limit for the POP3 top command

See also: CPop3ClientMtm

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TImPop3PopulateOptions ( )


Member Function Documentation

MaxEmailSize ( )

IMPORT_C TIntMaxEmailSize()

PopulationLimit ( )

IMPORT_C TIntPopulationLimit()

SetMaxEmailSize ( TInt )

IMPORT_C voidSetMaxEmailSize(TIntaMaxEmailSize)

SetPopulationLimit ( TInt )

IMPORT_C voidSetPopulationLimit(TIntaPopulationLimit)

UnpackL ( const TDesC8 &, TImPop3PopulateOptions & )

IMPORT_C voidUnpackL(const TDesC8 &aDesc,
TImPop3PopulateOptions &aUnpackTo

Creates and initialises a TImPop3PopulateOptions using data from a packaged descriptor to initialise members.

aDescdescriptor containing a packaged instance of either TImPop3PopulateOptions
aUnpackToUsed to return the unpacked options class