NokiaAccount::RegistrationInfo Class Reference

#include <mw/noa/registrationinfo.h>

class NokiaAccount::RegistrationInfo : private QObject, private QObject

Class holds the information required to register.

Inherits from

  • NokiaAccount::RegistrationInfo
    Public Member Functions
    RegistrationInfo(const RegistrationInfo &)
    RegistrationInfo(QByteArray &)
    QString captchaText()
    QLocale::Country country()
    QString countryAsString()
    QString emailAddress()
    QString firstName()
    Gender gender()
    QString getServiceId()
    QLocale::Language language()
    QString languageAsString()
    QString lastName()
    MarketingConsentInfo marketingInfo()
    QString mobilePhoneNumber()
    QString password()
    QString securityAnswer()
    QString securityQuestion()
    QByteArray serialize()
    voidsetCaptchaText(const QString &)
    voidsetCountry(const QLocale::Country &)
    voidsetCountry(const QString &)
    voidsetDateOfBirth(const QDate &)
    voidsetEmailAddress(const QString &)
    voidsetFirstName(const QString &)
    voidsetGender(const Gender &)
    voidsetLanguage(const QLocale::Language &)
    voidsetLanguage(const QString &)
    voidsetLastName(const QString &)
    voidsetMarketingInfo(MarketingConsentInfo &)
    voidsetMobilePhoneNumber(const QString &)
    voidsetPassword(const QString &)
    voidsetSecurityAnswer(const QString &)
    voidsetSecurityQuestion(const QString &)
    voidsetUsername(const QString &)
    QString userName()
    Inherited Attributes
    Inherited Functions
    QObject::QObject(QObjectPrivate &,QObject *)
    QObject::childEvent(QChildEvent *)
    QObject::connect(const QObject *,const QMetaMethod &,const QObject *,const QMetaMethod &,Qt::ConnectionType)
    QObject::connect(const QObject *,const char *,const QObject *,const char *,Qt::ConnectionType)
    QObject::connect(const QObject *,const char *,const char *,Qt::ConnectionType)const
    QObject::connectNotify(const char *)
    QObject::customEvent(QEvent *)
    QObject::disconnect(const QObject *,const QMetaMethod &,const QObject *,const QMetaMethod &)
    QObject::disconnect(const QObject *,const char *)
    QObject::disconnect(const QObject *,const char *,const QObject *,const char *)
    QObject::disconnect(const char *,const QObject *,const char *)
    QObject::disconnectNotify(const char *)
    QObject::event(QEvent *)
    QObject::eventFilter(QObject *,QEvent *)
    QObject::findChild(const QString &)const
    QObject::findChildren(const QRegExp &)const
    QObject::findChildren(const QString &)const
    QObject::inherits(const char *)const
    QObject::installEventFilter(QObject *)
    QObject::moveToThread(QThread *)
    QObject::property(const char *)const
    QObject::receivers(const char *)const
    QObject::removeEventFilter(QObject *)
    QObject::setObjectName(const QString &)
    QObject::setParent(QObject *)
    QObject::setProperty(const char *,const QVariant &)
    QObject::setUserData(uint,QObjectUserData *)
    QObject::timerEvent(QTimerEvent *)

    Detailed Description

    The RegistrationInfo class object is used to store data required for registering a user. It provides API for setting and getting the user data such as username, password, firstname, lastname, mobile number, email address, gender, language, country, date of birth, marketing info, password question and secret answer.

    Constructor & Destructor Documentation

    RegistrationInfo ( const RegistrationInfo & )

    RegistrationInfo(const RegistrationInfo &regInfo)

    Copy Constructor.

    RegistrationInfo ( )



    RegistrationInfo ( QByteArray & )

    RegistrationInfo(QByteArray &aSerializedData)


    ~RegistrationInfo ( )



    Member Function Documentation

    captchaText ( )

    QString captchaText()const

    Getter for the captcha text.

    Return Value
    Returns a QString representing text visible in the captcha image.

    country ( )

    QLocale::Country country()const

    Getter for the selected country.

    Return Value
    Returns selected country as a QLocale object's Country enum.

    countryAsString ( )

    QString countryAsString()const

    Getter for the selected country.

    Return Value
    Returns selected country as a string.

    dateOfBirth ( )


    Getter for the date of birth.

    Return Value
    Returns date of birth as a Qdate.

    emailAddress ( )

    QString emailAddress()const

    Getter for the email address.

    Return Value
    Returns email address as a QString.

    firstName ( )

    QString firstName()const

    Getter for the first name.

    Return Value
    Returns first name as a QString.

    gender ( )

    Gender gender()const

    Getter for the gender.

    Return Value
    Returns gender as a QString.

    getServiceId ( )

    QString getServiceId()const

    Returns the serviceID as OneConsent for the SMC

    language ( )

    QLocale::Language language()const

    Getter for the selected language.

    Return Value
    Returns selected Langauge as QLocale object's Langauge enum.

    languageAsString ( )

    QString languageAsString()const

    Getter for the selected language.

    Return Value
    Returns selected Langauge as string

    lastName ( )

    QString lastName()const

    Getter for the last name.

    Return Value
    Returns last name as a QString.

    marketingInfo ( )

    MarketingConsentInfo marketingInfo()const

    Getter for the marketing info.

    Return Value
    Returns an object of type MarketingConsentInfo.

    mobilePhoneNumber ( )

    QString mobilePhoneNumber()const

    Getter for the phone number.

    Return Value
    Returns phone number as a QString.

    password ( )

    QString password()const

    Getter for the password.

    Return Value
    Returns password as a QString.

    securityAnswer ( )

    QString securityAnswer()const

    Getter for the answer to the secret question.

    Return Value
    Returns the answer to the secret question as a QString.

    securityQuestion ( )

    QString securityQuestion()const

    Getter for the secret question id.

    Return Value
    Returns secret question id as a QString.

    serialize ( )

    QByteArray serialize()const

    setCaptchaText ( const QString & )

    voidsetCaptchaText(const QString &captchaText)

    Setter for the captcha text.

    Setter and getter for the captcha text.

    captchaTextA QString representing text visible in the captcha image.

    setCountry ( const QLocale::Country & )

    voidsetCountry(const QLocale::Country &country)

    Setter for the selected country.

    Setter and getter for the user's country.

    countryTakes QLocale object's Country enum for the selected country.

    setCountry ( const QString & )

    voidsetCountry(const QString &country)

    Setter for the selected country.

    Setter and getter for the user's country as string.

    countryTakes Country code as the String. The Country code is assumed to be in BCP-47 format.2Characters in Captials. for example for india - country code string would be IN ,china(CN),France(FR) etc.,

    setDateOfBirth ( const QDate & )

    voidsetDateOfBirth(const QDate &dateOfBirth)

    Setter for the date of birth.

    Setter and getter for the user's date of birth.

    dateOfBirthTakes a Qdate for the date of birth.

    setEmailAddress ( const QString & )

    voidsetEmailAddress(const QString &emailAddress)

    Setter for the email address.

    Setter and getter for the user email id.

    emailAddressTakes a QString for the email address.

    setFirstName ( const QString & )

    voidsetFirstName(const QString &firstName)

    Setter for the first name.

    Setter and getter for the user's firstname.

    firstNameTakes a QString for the first name.

    setGender ( const Gender & )

    voidsetGender(const Gender &gender)

    Setter for the gender.

    Setter and getter for the user's gender.

    genderTakes a QString for gender.

    setLanguage ( const QLocale::Language & )

    voidsetLanguage(const QLocale::Language &language)

    Setter for the selected language.

    Setter and getter for the user language.

    languageTakes QLocale object's Langauge enum for the selected Langauge.

    setLanguage ( const QString & )

    voidsetLanguage(const QString &language)

    Setter for the selected language.

    Setter and getter for the user language as string.

    languageTakes language code as the string. The language code is assumed to be in BCP-47 format. The following subtags are supported: language script region language-script-region (example: zh-Hant-HK) language-script (example : zh-Hant) langugae-region (example: zh-HK) language (example: zh) passed string should falls under the above mention formats otherwise,fails on validation.

    setLastName ( const QString & )

    voidsetLastName(const QString &lastName)

    Setter for the last name.

    Setter and getter for the user's lastname.

    lastNameTakes a QString for the last name.

    setMarketingInfo ( MarketingConsentInfo & )

    voidsetMarketingInfo(MarketingConsentInfo &marketingInfo)

    Setter for the marketing info.

    Setter and getter for the marketing info about user.

    marketingInfoTakes an object of type MarketingConsentInfo.

    setMobilePhoneNumber ( const QString & )

    voidsetMobilePhoneNumber(const QString &mobilePhoneNumber)

    Setter for the phone number.

    Setter and getter for the user mobile number.

    mobilePhoneNumberTakes a QString for the phone number.

    setPassword ( const QString & )

    voidsetPassword(const QString &password)

    Setter for the password.

    Setter and getter for the user password.

    passwordTakes a QString for the password. Password text should be masked in the UI.

    setSecurityAnswer ( const QString & )

    voidsetSecurityAnswer(const QString &securityAnswer)

    Setter for the answer to the secret question.

    Setter and getter for the user secret answer.

    securityAnswerTakes a QString for the answer.

    setSecurityQuestion ( const QString & )

    voidsetSecurityQuestion(const QString &secuirtyQuestion)

    Setter for the secret question id.

    Setter and getter for the user security question.

    secuirtyQuestionTakes the secret question id as a QString. This is the identifier of the secret question selected by the user.

    setUsername ( const QString & )

    voidsetUsername(const QString &userName)

    Setter for the user name.

    Setter and getter for the username

    userNameTakes a QString for the user name.

    userName ( )

    QString userName()const

    Getter for the user name.

    Return Value
    Returns user name as a QString.