ApplicationSettings Class Reference

#include <mw/messagingbus/applicationsettings.h>

class ApplicationSettings

MB applicationsettings permits application settings manipulation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ApplicationSettings ( )


Constructor Creates the ApplicationSettingsData object.

ApplicationSettings ( const ApplicationSettings & )

ApplicationSettings(const ApplicationSettings &other)

Copy Constructor.

other - ApplicationSettings& class type parameter

~ApplicationSettings ( )



Member Function Documentation

icon ( )

QImage icon()const [protected]

Returns a QImage type containing notification icon.

isAudioNotificationEnabled ( )


Returns a bool type.If return value is true,audio notification is played if application receives message with audio flag ON.

isNotificationUiUpdate ( )


Returns a bool type.If return value is true,notification ui update is synced.

isUserNotificationEnabled ( )


Returns a bool type.If return value is true,applications user notification feature is enabled else applications user notification feature is not enabled.

isWakeUpEnabled ( )


Returns a bool type.If return value is true,applications wake up feature is enabled else applications wake up feature is not enabled.

operator= ( const ApplicationSettings & )

ApplicationSettings &operator=(const ApplicationSettings &other)

setApplicationId ( const QString & )

voidsetApplicationId(const QString &id)[protected]

Method used for setting application ID.

id - uses a QString& type parameter

setAudioNotification ( bool )


Method used for setting audio notification value.

audio - bool type parameter

setNotificationUiUpdate ( bool )


Method used for setting notification ui update value.

notificationUiUpdate - bool type parameter

setUserNotification ( bool, const QImage & )

const QImage &icon

Returns a bool type.Method is used for assigning usenotification bool value. Return value depends on user notification icon validation. If icon is validated return value is true, else false.

useNotifications - bool type parameter.

icon - QImage& type parameter

setWakeUp ( bool )


Method used for setting wake up value.

wakeUp - bool type parameter