CEikMsgWin Class Reference

#include <mw/eikmsg.h>

class CEikMsgWin : public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Base class providing functions to construct and display an information message.

Member Attribute Documentation


RBlankWindow *iBlankWindow[protected]

The window in which the message will be drawn.


CCoeControl *iDummy[protected]

An empty control required for construction of a blank window. This defines a handle back to the client side object, which is only required if you need to later initiate client side drawing.


CEikonEnv &iEikonEnv_[protected]

A CEikonEnv*, which all applications have. This is required for construction of a CEikMsgWin as it provides access to services which the message window needs, the window server session for example.


RMessageWindow *iMessageWindow[protected]

An RAnim derived class, which is responsible for interacting with server side classes to provide the message window's animation on the screen. It is constructed by passing in the RWindowBase which it will use to draw its contents to, and also a handle to an animation DLL, which provides the animation functionality.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CEikMsgWin ( CEikonEnv & )

IMPORT_CCEikMsgWin(CEikonEnv &aEikonEnv)[protected]

Protected constructor.

aEikonEnvThe Uikon environment for which the information message is constructed.

~CEikMsgWin ( )



Member Function Documentation

CancelDisplay ( )

IMPORT_C voidCancelDisplay()

Stops displaying the message window.

ConstructL ( RWindowGroup & )

IMPORT_C voidConstructL(RWindowGroup &aWindowGroup)

Completes construction.

aWindowGroupThe window group for which the information message is constructed.

PrepareDisplay ( TDes &, TGulAlignment )

TDes &PrepareDisplay(TDes &aText,

Configures the message window, blank window and display text for specified alignment and display area.

aTextThe text to be displayed
aCornerDescription of message window position.
Return Value
Configured text

StartDisplay ( const TDesC &, TGulAlignment )

IMPORT_C voidStartDisplay(const TDesC &aText,

Displays the message window with the specified text and alignment.

aTextThe text to display in the message.
aCornerThe position in which the message window will appear. There are 9 options for this, each square of a 3 by 3 matrix on the screen.