CImAttachmentWaiter Class Reference

#include <mw/cimattachmentwaiter.h>

class CImAttachmentWaiter : public CActive

Inherits from

Detailed Description

An Waiter object used to wait for an attachment to be added to an email message.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CImAttachmentWaiter ( )


Cancels the outstanding request. Frees all resources owned by the object prior to its destruction

Member Function Documentation

NewL ( )

IMPORT_C CImAttachmentWaiter *NewL()[static]

Allocates & Creates a new CImAttachmentWaiter object.

Return Value
A pointer to the newly created object

StartWaitingL ( TRequestStatus &, CImEmailMessage *, TBool )

IMPORT_C voidStartWaitingL(TRequestStatus &aStatus,
CImEmailMessage *aMailMessage,
TBoolaDeleteMessage = ETrue

Issues a waiting request for adding an attachment .

aStatusThe TRequestStatus to complete when request has completed.
aMailMessageThe CImEmailMessage pointer to which the attachment is to be added
aDeleteMessageTBool indicating if the CImEmailMessage needs to be deleted when CImAttachmentWaiter is Reset or destroyed
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