MCoeControlBrushContext Class Reference

#include <mw/coeccntx.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class MCoeControlBrushContext : public MCoeControlContext

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Protocol for sharing brush settings used in graphics operations.

It can be used to set brush and pen properties before drawing a control.

The mixin provides a default implementation of a control context. It implements PrepareContext() to initialise brush settings used in graphics operations. Its data members are public so that the brush style, brush colour and brush pattern can be set by application code.


Member Attribute Documentation


const CFbsBitmap *iBitmap

Brush pattern.


TRgb iBrushColor

Brush colour. (Not required if iBitmap is set.)


Brush style. (Not required if iBitmap is set.)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeControlBrushContext ( )


Cause vtable & typeinfo to be exported

Member Function Documentation

PrepareContext ( CWindowGc & )

IMPORT_C voidPrepareContext(CWindowGc &aGc)const [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from MCoeControlContext::PrepareContext(CWindowGc &)const

Sets the brush settings for the specified graphics context.

If iBitmap is set, it sets this as the brush pattern and sets the brush style to EPatternedBrush. Otherwise, it sets the brush style and brush colour using the values of iBrushStyle and iBrushColor.

aGcThe graphics context to set.