CBitmapAnimTimer Class Reference

#include <mw/bmpansrv.h>

class CBitmapAnimTimer : public CTimer

Inherits from

Detailed Description

class CBitmapAnimTimer

This class is used to determine when to swap the current frame with the next one.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CBitmapAnimTimer ( )


Member Function Documentation

NewL ( MBitmapAnimTimerObserver * )

CBitmapAnimTimer *NewL(MBitmapAnimTimerObserver *aObserver)[static]

RunL ( )


Reimplemented from CActive::RunL()

Handles an active object's request completion event.

A derived class must provide an implementation to handle the completed request. If appropriate, it may issue another request.

The function is called by the active scheduler when a request completion event occurs, i.e. after the active scheduler's WaitForAnyRequest() function completes.

Before calling this active object's RunL() function, the active scheduler has:

1. decided that this is the highest priority active object with a completed request

2. marked this active object's request as complete (i.e. the request is no longer outstanding)

RunL() runs under a trap harness in the active scheduler. If it leaves, then the active scheduler calls RunError() to handle the leave.

Note that once the active scheduler's Start() function has been called, all user code is run under one of the program's active object's RunL() or RunError() functions.

See also: CActiveScheduler::Start CActiveScheduler::Error CActiveScheduler::WaitForAnyRequest TRAPD