obexpanics.h File Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains details of all OBEX and OBEX Transport panics which may be raised as a result programming error by the users of OBEX (e.g. Client or Server Application or a proprietry transport controller).

Internal panic codes should not be raised due to user errors but would reflect internal Obex programming errors - see inc/obexfaults.h

_LIT ( KObexPanicCategory, "Obex" )


Category for Obex panics

See also: TObexPanicCode

Enum TObexPanicCode

All Obex panics which may be raised as a result of a client (i.e. external) programming error. Internal Obex panics are errors listed in TObexFaultCode

See also: TObexFaultCode


A NULL value was supplied for the data buffer. Note that this pointer can refer to either a memory buffer or a pointer to a RFile object.

See also: CObexBufObject


The supplied buffer is of zero length.

See also: CObexBufObject


The header is not of the requested type.

See also: CObexHeader


An unknown TFileBuffering value was supplied.

See also: CObexBufObject


The RFile object does not point to a valid (open) file.

See also: CObexBufObject


An unknown TObexBufferingDetails object was supplied to a buffer object.

See also: CObexBufObject


A call has been made to CObexServer::RequestIndicationCallback when no asynchronous request is outstanding.

See also: MObexNotifyAsync CObexServer


A call has been made to CObexServer::Start when an asynchronous request is outstanding.

See also: MObexNotifyAsync CObexServer


An invalid packet process event has been signalled.


An event is available for signalling, but there is no observer set.


In CObexServer, a call has been made to RequestCompleteIndicationCallback(TObexResponse) or RequestIndicationCallback(TObexResponse) with invalid response code or RequestCompleteIndicationCallback(TInt) with invalid Symbian error code


In CObexServer, RequestCompleteIndicationCallback has been called in response to Put/GetRequestIndication or ReuqestIndicationCallback has been called in response to Put/GetComplete or SetPath Indication


The last server response code has been requested prior to a response from the server.


Adding End of Body header when there is data in the object.


A user has requested to override the handling of a request packet at an invalid time.


A pointer must be null before constructing the object it points to.

_LIT ( KObexTransportPanicCat, "ObexTransPanics" )


The category for obex transport panics

Enum TObexTransportPanicCode

Obex transport panics raised as a result of client programming error


The number of transport implementations for a given transport name is more than what is allowed. Check that there is not more than the allowed number of plugin resource files containing the same default data and inteface uid.