RRtcpRRPart Class Reference

#include <mw/rtcp.h>

Link against: rtpremoved.lib

class RRtcpRRPart
Public Member Functions
RRtcpRRPart(TRtcpRRPart &)
IMPORT_C TIntCount()
IMPORT_C RRtcpRRItemoperator[](TInt)

Detailed Description

An array containing the most recent RRs (Receiver Reports) from all hosts who are reporting on our send stream.

An object of this type is returned by calling RRs() on a handle to an RTP session (an RRtpSession object).

See also: RRtpSession::RRs()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RRtcpRRPart ( TRtcpRRPart & )


Member Function Documentation

Count ( )

IMPORT_C TIntCount()const

Gets the number of Receiver Reports.

Return Value
The number fo receiver reports.

SenderSSRC ( )

IMPORT_C TUintSenderSSRC()const

operator[] ( TInt )

IMPORT_C RRtcpRRItemoperator[](TIntaIndex)const

Gets a specific RR (Receiver Report) as identified by the specified index value.

aIndexAn index value identifying the specific RR. The index is relative to zero, i.e. zero implies the first RR report. The value must not be negative and must be less than the the value returned by Count().
Return Value
A handle to the RR (Receiver Report).