RRtcpRRItem Class Reference

#include <mw/rtcp.h>

Link against: rtpremoved.lib

class RRtcpRRItem

Detailed Description

A handle to an RR (Receiver Report) RTP packet.

An instance of this class represents the reception report of one host about another host; it may have come from either a SR (Sender Report) or a RR (Receiver Report) packet, which may contain other RRs (Receiver Reports) as well.

An object of this type is returned from a call to the RRtcpRRPart indexing operator and specifying the index of the required RR.

Note that resources accessed thorugh this handle are owned by other objects and therefore has no Close() member function.

See also: RRtcpRRPart

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RRtcpRRItem ( )


Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

AboutSSRC ( )

IMPORT_C TUintAboutSSRC()const

Gets the SSRC related to this packet.

Return Value
The sender's SSRC.

DelaySinceLastSR ( )

IMPORT_C TUintDelaySinceLastSR()const

Gets the time between the receipt of the last SR (Sender Report) and the time when this packet was sent.

Return Value
The tme difference in 65,536ths of a second.

ExtendedHighestSequenceNumber ( )

IMPORT_C TUintExtendedHighestSequenceNumber()const

Gets the extended highest sequence number recieved.

Return Value
The extended highest sequence number.

FractionLost ( )

IMPORT_C TUintFractionLost()const

Gets the number of packets lost, in 256ths of the total number.

Return Value
The number of last packets, in 256ths of the total number.

InterarrivalJitter ( )

IMPORT_C TUintInterarrivalJitter()const

Gets the interarrival jitter value.

Return Value
The interarrival jitter value.

LastSRTimestamp ( )

IMPORT_C TUintLastSRTimestamp()const

Gets the time of the last received SR (Sender Report)

Return Value
The time of the last received SR.

PacketsLost ( )

IMPORT_C TUintPacketsLost()const

Gets the number of packets lost.

Return Value
The number of packets lost.

SenderSSRC ( )

IMPORT_C TUintSenderSSRC()const

Gets the sender's SSRC, i.e. the sender's 32-bit numeric synchronisation source identifier.

Return Value
The sender's SSRC.