TWspRedirectedAddress Class Reference

#include <mw/wsp/wsptypes.h>

class TWspRedirectedAddress

Detailed Description

The TWspRedirectedAddress type represents an alternate address to which Clients must use to establish a session with the same service that was initially contacted. If the bearer or port fields have been excluded, then the orginal bearer and port should be used to contact the new server. The WSP Specification, July 2001, defines an Address Type ( upon which this class is based.

Member Attribute Documentation


Wap::TWspBearer iBearer

The bearer type.


TBool iHasBearer

A flag to indicate that the bearer field is set.


TBool iHasPort

A flag to indicate that the port field is set.


TUint16 iPort

The port number.


TBuf8< KMaxProxyAddrLen >iProxyAddress

The proxy address.