TImImap4GetMailInfo Class Reference

#include <mw/imapset.h>

class TImImap4GetMailInfo

Detailed Description

Specifies options used when retrieving messages with IMAP.

An TImImap4GetMailInfo is passed as a packaged parameter to CImap4ClientMtm::InvokeAsyncFunctionL() when a message getting command is issued.

Options include the maximum message size, and what message parts are required.

See also: CImImap4GetMail TImap4Cmds

Member Attribute Documentation


TMsvId iDestinationFolder

The destination folder ID, specifying the target folder when messages are copied or moved.


TImap4GetMailOptions iGetMailBodyParts

The required message parts.


TInt32 iMaxEmailSize

The maximum message size (bytes). Messages of greater size are not fetched.