THTTPFilterHandle Class Reference

#include <mw/http/thttpfilterhandle.h>

class THTTPFilterHandle

Detailed Description

A Filter registration handle. This identifies a particular filter registration, and is passed to the filter in MHFLoad. It is used to identify filters for deletion and for locating the start point for sending events. It is an opaque class; all you need to be able to do with it is to compare them for equality.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TStandardValues

Alisases for the client, and the filters you're most likely to want to refer to.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

THTTPFilterHandle ( TStandardValues )

THTTPFilterHandle(TStandardValuesaVal = EUndefined)[inline]

Member Function Documentation

operator!= ( THTTPFilterHandle )

TBool operator!=(THTTPFilterHandleaThat)const [inline]

operator== ( THTTPFilterHandle )

TBool operator==(THTTPFilterHandleaThat)const [inline]