CMimeInfo Class Reference

#include <mw/concnf.h>

Link against: conarc.lib

class CMimeInfo : public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Holds the localised names for a data type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CMimeInfo ( )



Member Function Documentation

AddLanguageL ( TLanguageInfo )

IMPORT_C voidAddLanguageL(TLanguageInfoaLang)

Adds a localised name for the data type.

aLangLocalised name

ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & )

voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream)const

InternalizeL ( RReadStream & )

voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &aStream)

Mime ( )

TDataType Mime()

NewL ( )

CMimeInfo *NewL()[static]

NewLC ( TDataType & )

IMPORT_C CMimeInfo *NewLC(TDataType &aMime)[static]

Allocates and constructs a CMimeInfo for a specified data type, leaving the object on the cleanup stack.

aMimeData type
Return Value
New CMimeInfo

NewLC ( const CMimeInfo * )

CMimeInfo *NewLC(const CMimeInfo *aInfo)[static]

NewLC ( TResourceReader & )

CMimeInfo *NewLC(TResourceReader &aReader)[static]

Text ( )

TTranslation Text()

return the translation for the current language if the current lanuage does not exist the use english or the first in the list