MCoeCaptionRetrieverForFep Class Reference

#include <mw/fepbase.h>

class MCoeCaptionRetrieverForFep
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidGetCaptionForFep(TDes &)

Detailed Description

Retrieves a control's caption for use by a FEP.

An example of a caption is the non-editable text description displayed alongside each item in a dialog.

TCoeInputCapabilities::CaptionRetrieverForFep() returns a pointer to an object of this class. A NULL return value indicates that the interface is not supported by any of the currently focused controls. If not NULL, call GetCaptionForFep(), which fills the supplied buffer with the control's caption, truncating it if the supplied buffer is too small for the whole caption.

Member Function Documentation

GetCaptionForFep ( TDes & )

voidGetCaptionForFep(TDes &aCaption)const [pure virtual]

An implementation of this function should fill aCaption with the target control's caption (or as much of the caption as will fit).

For example, code similar to the following might be used (assuming that your caption is stored internally in iCaption):

	const TInt maximumLength=aCaption.MaxLength();
	if (iCaption.Length()>maximumLength)
aCaptionOn return, this should be set to the caption of the target control.