CMsgActive Class Reference

#include <mw/mentact.h>

Link against: msgs_autoshutdown.lib

class CMsgActive : public CActive, public CActive

Inherits from

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CMsgActive ( TInt )


~CMsgActive ( )


Member Function Documentation

Complete ( TInt )

IMPORT_C voidComplete(TIntaStatus)[protected]

DoCancel ( )

IMPORT_C voidDoCancel()[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from CActive::DoCancel()

Implements cancellation of an outstanding request.

This function is called as part of the active object's Cancel().

It must call the appropriate cancel function offered by the active object's asynchronous service provider. The asynchronous service provider's cancel is expected to act immediately.

DoCancel() must not wait for event completion; this is handled by Cancel().

See also: CActive::Cancel

Queue ( TRequestStatus & )

IMPORT_C voidQueue(TRequestStatus &aStatus)[protected]