MCoeFepLayDocExtension Class Reference

#include <mw/fepbase.h>

class MCoeFepLayDocExtension
Public Member Functions
pure virtual MLayDoc *GetCurrentMLayDoc()
pure virtual voidGetFepEditorState(TInt &, TInt &, TInt &)
pure virtual voidHandleInsertDeleteL(TCursorSelection, TInt)
pure virtual voidSetMLayDoc(MLayDoc *)

Detailed Description

MCoeFepLayDocExtension is an interface class which should be derived from by test editors to provide access to the current MLayDoc object, and to set a new MLayDoc object. Used directly from the FEP to decorate the inline edit text, without changing the actual document text.

Member Function Documentation

GetCurrentMLayDoc ( )

MLayDoc *GetCurrentMLayDoc()const [pure virtual]

Retrives the current MLayDoc object from the text editor

Return Value
Pointer to a MLayDoc object.

GetFepEditorState ( TInt &, TInt &, TInt & )

voidGetFepEditorState(TInt &aPositionInDocument,
TInt &aCursorPositionInDocument,
TInt &aSelectionLength
)[pure virtual]

Retrives inline edit positioning information from the editor

HandleInsertDeleteL ( TCursorSelection, TInt )

)[pure virtual]

Used to tell the editor when the size of the inline edit has changed, so the text layout can update itself. Should be called before and after the inline edit has been decorated.

SetMLayDoc ( MLayDoc * )

voidSetMLayDoc(MLayDoc *aLayDoc)[pure virtual]

Sets a new MLayDoc object into the CTextLayout object

aLayDocThe new layout document