MNfcConnection Class Reference

#include <mw/nfcconnection.h>

class MNfcConnection
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MNfcConnection()
pure virtual TInt Activate(TInt)
pure virtual voidCancelRawModeAccess()
pure virtual TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode ConnectionMode()
pure virtual voidDeactivate()
pure virtual TBool IsActivated()
pure virtual voidRawModeAccess(TRequestStatus &, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &, TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 &)

Detailed Description

This interface provides activation and deactivation methods for NFC connection objects.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MNfcConnection ( )

~MNfcConnection()[inline, virtual]

Empty destructor.

Member Function Documentation

Activate ( TInt )

TInt Activate(TIntaHandle)[pure virtual]

Activates this MNfcConnection object.


User must not call this

aHandleHandle to the NFC connection
Return Value
System wide error code

CancelRawModeAccess ( )

voidCancelRawModeAccess()[pure virtual]

Cancel RawModeAccess operation

ConnectionMode ( )

TNfcConnectionInfo::TNfcConnectionMode ConnectionMode()[pure virtual]

Returns the connection mode of this MNfcConnection object.

Return Value
Connection mode

Deactivate ( )

voidDeactivate()[pure virtual]

Deactivates this MNfcConnection object.

IsActivated ( )

TBool IsActivated()[pure virtual]

Is this MNfcConnection object currently in active state.

Return Values

EFalse Inactive
ETrue Active

RawModeAccess ( TRequestStatus &, const TDesC8 &, TDes8 &, TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 & )

voidRawModeAccess(TRequestStatus &aStatus,
const TDesC8 &aCommand,
TDes8 &aResponse,
TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 &aTimeout
)[pure virtual]

Raw access mode

aCommandcommand binary stream for the tag defined in tag operation spec.
aResponseresponse for the command
aTimeouttimeout for the operation
Return Value
KErrNone operation successful. KErrTooBig Response data is too big for aResponse Other system wide errors