CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations Class Reference

#include <gsmuieoperations.h>

class CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations : public CSmsCtrlOperation, public CSmsCtrlOperation
Public Member Functions
CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations(CSmsInformationElement::TSmsInformationElementIdentifier, CSmsMessage &)
IMPORT_C TSmsStatusReportSchemeGetScheme()
IMPORT_C TIntGetStatusReport(TUint, TUint8 &)
IMPORT_C voidResetSchemeL()
IMPORT_C voidSetDefaultL(TUint8)
IMPORT_C voidSetSchemeL()
IMPORT_C TIntSetStatusReportL(TUint, TUint8)
Protected Member Functions
TBool ValidateControlParametersL(TUint8 &)
virtual voidValidateOperationL()
voidoperator=(const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations &)
TBool operator==(const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations &)
Inherited Attributes
Inherited Functions
CBase::Delete(CBase *)
CBase::Extension_(TUint,TAny *&,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave,TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TUint)
CSmsCtrlOperation::CSmsCtrlOperation(CSmsInformationElement::TSmsInformationElementIdentifier,CSmsMessage &)
CSmsCtrlOperation::operator=(const CSmsCtrlOperation &)
CSmsCtrlOperation::operator==(const CSmsCtrlOperation &)
CSmsIEOperation::CSmsIEOperation(CSmsInformationElement::TSmsInformationElementIdentifier,CSmsMessage &)
CSmsIEOperation::NewL(CSmsInformationElement::TSmsInformationElementIdentifier,CSmsMessage &,CCnvCharacterSetConverter &,RFs &)
CSmsIEOperation::operator=(const CSmsIEOperation &)
CSmsIEOperation::operator==(const CSmsIEOperation &)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations ( CSmsInformationElement::TSmsInformationElementIdentifier, CSmsMessage & )

CSmsMessage &aMessage

~CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations ( )


Member Function Documentation

GetScheme ( )

IMPORT_C TSmsStatusReportSchemeGetScheme()const

Gets the current scheme being used.

Return Value
EControlParametrsScheme is returned when Control Parameters Scheme is being used.

GetStatusReport ( TUint, TUint8 & )

IMPORT_C TIntGetStatusReport(TUintaSegmentSequenceNum,
TUint8 &aSelectiveStatus

Gets the selective status for a PDU if the scheme is set to the Control Parameters Scheme.

aSegmentSequenceNumThe segment sequence number of the PDU whose status report is required.
aSelectiveStatusReturns the selective status octet for that PDU.
Return Value
KErrNotFound if the segment sequence number or the scheme is invalid.

ResetSchemeL ( )

IMPORT_C voidResetSchemeL()

This method re-sets the scheme to the Default Scheme.


SetDefaultL ( TUint8 )

IMPORT_C voidSetDefaultL(TUint8aDefaultSelectiveStatus)

Sets the default value of the status report to aDefaultSelectiveStatus.

aDefaultSelectiveStatusThe selective status to be used as default.
Leave Codes
KErrNotFoundIf the scheme is invalid.

SetSchemeL ( )

IMPORT_C voidSetSchemeL()

This method is called to set the scheme to Control Parameters Scheme. First iStatusReportScheme, which is obtained by calling GetStatusReportScheme, is deleted and set to NULL. Then a new scheme is created and a default value is set. This should be the last method to be called in a message sending process as all the operations in this interface depend on the number of PDUs being set.

If ValidateOperationL or NumMessagePDUsL leaves.
Leave Codes

SetStatusReportL ( TUint, TUint8 )

IMPORT_C TIntSetStatusReportL(TUintaSegmentSequenceNum,

Sets the status report for a PDU. First the scheme is obtained by calling the GetStatusReportScheme and checked if it is the valid scheme. Then aSelectiveStatus is checked to see if it is the default value. If it is then nothing is done. But if aSelectiveStatus is non-default then it is appended to the array iControlParametersStatusReport along with the aSegmentSequenceNum

If ValidateOperationL or AppendL leaves.
aSegmentSequenceNumThe segment sequence number of the PDU which needs to be updated.
aSelectiveStatusThe octet which needs to be set as the Selective Status for the report.
Return Value
KErrNone if the operation is successful. KErrNotFound if the Segment Sequence Number is out of range or the scheme is inavlid. KErrNotSupported if aSelectiveStatus is not valid.
Leave Codes

ValidateControlParametersL ( TUint8 & )

TBool ValidateControlParametersL(TUint8 &aSelectiveStatus)const [protected]

Checks that the octet passed to it has the valid bits set in it. If the bits which are not supported yet are set then reset it. This method is called by SetStatusReportL.

aSelectiveStatusThe octet which needs to be set as the Selective Status for the report.
Return Value
ETrue if the selective status is valid.
Leave Codes
KErrNotSupportedIf the last 4 bits are set as they are not supported.

ValidateOperationL ( )

voidValidateOperationL()const [protected, virtual]

Identifies whether the message type or version supports this operation

If the message type or version does not support this operation.
Leave Codes

operator= ( const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations & )

voidoperator=(const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations &)[protected]

Prevent clients from using the assignment operator by including it in the class definition but making it protected and not exporting it.


operator== ( const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations & )

TBool operator==(const CSmsSMSCCtrlParameterOperations &)[protected]

Prevent clients from using the equality operator by including it in the class definition but making it protected and not exporting it.