CCrossEnablerClientUtils Class Reference

#include <ext/mw/crossenablerclientutil.h>

class CCrossEnablerClientUtils : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CCrossEnablerClientUtils

Nested Classes and Structures

Detailed Description

Wrapper class for the Client Sync specific implementation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CCrossEnablerClientUtils ( )


Member Function Documentation

GetUserCredential ( )

TDECredential GetUserCredential()

Gets the credentials from cenrep

Return Value
TDECredential that will hold latest credential

NewL ( MSsoObserver * )

CCrossEnablerClientUtils *NewL(MSsoObserver *aObserver)[static]

ProfileChanged ( )


generate notification about ProfileChanged event. Calling this method will generate ProfileChanged event.

SignOut ( )


generate notification about sign out event. Calling this method will generate SsoSignout event.

UpdateUserCredential ( TDECredential & )

boolUpdateUserCredential(TDECredential &aDeCredential)

Updates the user credentials