MBrCtlDataLoadSupplier Class Reference

#include <mw/brctlinterface.h>

class MBrCtlDataLoadSupplier
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidCancelLoad()

Detailed Description

The MBrCtlDataLoadSupplier class is a callback interface that provides the Browser Control with the ability to display content incrementally. It does this by providing a means for the Browser Control to cancel the load operation if an error occurs. For example, if the Browser Control runs out of memory during the load operation, it can cancel that operation by means of this interface.


  #include <brctlinterface.h>
 @see S60 Platform: Browser Control API Developer's Guide Version 2.0
 @lib BrowserEngine.lib
 @since 2.8
 @file brctlinterface.h

Member Function Documentation

CancelLoad ( )

voidCancelLoad()[pure virtual]
Cancel the load operation
Return Value