CAttributeLookupTable Class Reference

#include <mw/attrlut.h>

Link against: wutil.lib

class CAttributeLookupTable : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CAttributeLookupTable

Detailed Description

Provides an attribute lookup table, which maintains a global set of unique IDs to be defined for document node attributes and language tags.

It does this by generating a unique (in the scope of the lookup table object) ID for any string passed to it. Once a string has been seen once, any further references to it will map back to the same ID value.


Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TDebugSelectorType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CAttributeLookupTable ( )



Member Function Documentation

Debug ( TDebugSelectorType, TAny *, TAny * )

IMPORT_C voidDebug(TDebugSelectorTypeaSelector,
TAny *aParam1,
TAny *aParam2

Des2IDL ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_C const HBufC *Des2IDL(const TDesC &)

Gets a unique ID for a specified descriptor.

If this is the first time the descriptor has been used, a new ID will be allocated.

Descriptor to get ID for
Return Value

KeyExists ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_C const HBufC *KeyExists(const TDesC &)

Tests if an ID has been allocated for a specified descriptor.

Descriptor to test
Return Value
ID, or NULL if none has been allocated

NewL ( )

IMPORT_C CAttributeLookupTable *NewL()[static]

Allocates and constructs a new attribute lookup table.

Return Value
New attribute lookup table

Reset ( )

IMPORT_C voidReset()

Clears all allocated IDs.