CApaSystemControlList Class Reference

#include <mw/apgctl.h>

class CApaSystemControlList : public CBase, public CBase, public CBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Provides a list of all available control panel applications present on the phone. This class is implemented as a linked list of CApaSystemControl. Updates the control panel application list by removing control panels that no longer exist, adding new control panels found to the control panel application list and replacing a control panel if found in an earlier drive.

See also: CApaSystemControl

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CApaSystemControlList ( )


Member Function Documentation

Control ( TInt )

IMPORT_C CApaSystemControl *Control(TIntaIndex)const

Control ( TUid )

IMPORT_C CApaSystemControl *Control(TUidaType)const

Count ( )

IMPORT_C TIntCount()const

Index ( TUid )

IMPORT_C TIntIndex(TUidaType)const

NewL ( RFs & )

IMPORT_C CApaSystemControlList *NewL(RFs &aFs)[static]

UpdateCount ( )

TInt UpdateCount()const [inline]

UpdateL ( )

IMPORT_C voidUpdateL()