CRegisteredParserDll Class Reference

#include <mw/regpsdll.h>

Link against: biut.lib

class CRegisteredParserDll : public CTimer, public CTimer

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Finds, loads and maintains a reference count of client processes for a BIO parser DLL.

When the reference count falls to 0, the class is also responsible for unloading the DLL. The public interface for this class is used only by CBIOServerMtm.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CRegisteredParserDll ( )



Member Function Documentation

DllRefCount ( )

TInt DllRefCount()const [inline]

GetLibrary ( RFs &, RLibrary & )

IMPORT_C TIntGetLibrary(RFs &aFs,
RLibrary &aDllLibrary

Gets a handle to the parser DLL, and increments the reference count.

aFsFile server handle
aDllLibraryOn return, the parser DLL
Return Value
Incremented reference count if successful; otherwise, a system wide error code

NewL ( TDesC & )

IMPORT_C CRegisteredParserDll *NewL(TDesC &aParserName)[static]

Allocates and creates a new BIO parser counter.

aParserNameName of the BIO parser to handle
Return Value
New BIO parser counter

ReleaseLibrary ( )

IMPORT_C voidReleaseLibrary()

Releases the parser DLL, and decrements the reference count.

SetUidType ( const TUidType & )

voidSetUidType(const TUidType &aUidType)[inline]

UidType ( )

TUidType UidType()const [inline]