CCoePlainTextDrawer Class Reference

#include <mw/coetextdrawer.h>

class CCoePlainTextDrawer : public CCoeTextDrawerBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

This is a basic text drawer without any text effects. The default text drawer that can be used if no other (device specific) text drawers has been added to the system.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum anonymous


Member Function Documentation

MopSupplyObject ( TTypeUid )

IMPORT_C TTypeUid::PtrMopSupplyObject(TTypeUidaId)[protected, virtual]

This function is defined by the MObjectProvider class. It allows the actual type of text drawer to be identified.

See also: MObjectProvider

aIdThe type of the desired object.
Return Value
A pointer to an object.

New ( TRgb )

IMPORT_C CCoePlainTextDrawer *New(TRgbaTextColor)[static]

Created a new plain text drawer on the heap. This shall typically be done in the CCoeControl::GetTextDrawer() method, or better, in the constructor of the owner of the text drawer.

Do not call this method from within a CCoeControl::Draw() method. If all you want is access to a text drawer, call CCoeControl::TextDrawer().

aTextColorThe color that will be used to draw text.
Return Value
A new CCoePlainTextDrawer instance or null if the creation of a new instance failed.

SetTextColor ( TRgb )

IMPORT_C voidSetTextColor(TRgbaTextColor)[virtual]

TextColor ( )

IMPORT_C TRgbTextColor()const [virtual]