MAknIconFileProvider Class Reference

#include <mw/AknIconUtils.h>

class MAknIconFileProvider
Public Member Enumerations
enumTIconFileType { EMbmFile, EMifFile }
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MAknIconFileProvider()
pure virtual voidFinished()
pure virtual voidRetrieveIconFileHandleL(RFile &, const TIconFileType)

Detailed Description

The purpose of this class is for clients to provide opened file handles to icon files, which reside in private directories, where AknIcon server has no access.

MIF file is always generated, when building icons with MifConv tool. The corresponding MBM file is generated only if there are bitmap icons amongst the source icons.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TIconFileType


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MAknIconFileProvider ( )

~MAknIconFileProvider()[inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

Finished ( )

voidFinished()[pure virtual]

With this method, AknIcon framework informs that it does not use this MAknIconFileProvider instance any more. After this call, it is ok to delete the object. This can be implemented simply e.g. by deleting self in this callback. Normally, this callback is invoked when the icon in question is deleted. Note, however, that if the same MAknIconFileProvider instance is supplied in multiple CreateIcon calls, then it must be accessible by AknIcon framework until it has signalled a matching amount of these callbacks.

RetrieveIconFileHandleL ( RFile &, const TIconFileType )

voidRetrieveIconFileHandleL(RFile &aFile,
const TIconFileTypeaType
)[pure virtual]

Returns an open file handle to the icon file. This method should leave if an icon file with specified type does not exist. That may be the case e.g. with MBM file, if there are no bitmap icons.

Note! RFs::ShareProtected must be called to the RFs instance used for opening the file.

aFileIcon file should be opened in this file handle, which is an empty file handle, when the AknIcon framework calls this method. The AknIcon framework takes care of closing the file handle after having used it.
aTypeIcon file type.