TRemConAddress Class Reference

#include <remconaddress.h>

Link against: remcontypes.lib

class TRemConAddress
Public Attributes
const TUintKMaxAddrSize
TSglQueLink iLink
Public Member Functions
IMPORT_C TBuf8< KMaxAddrSize > &Addr()
IMPORT_C const TBuf8< KMaxAddrSize > &Addr()
IMPORT_C TUid &BearerUid()
IMPORT_C TUidBearerUid()
IMPORT_C TBoolIsNull()
IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TRemConAddress &)

Detailed Description

Represents a single remote device address in terms of the bearer used to connect to the device and some bearer-specific connection information.

Member Attribute Documentation


const TUintKMaxAddrSize[static]

This is maximum supported size for a bearer-specific remote device address (cf. TSockAddr).


Link between elements of this type in a TSglQue.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TRemConAddress ( )



~TRemConAddress ( )



Member Function Documentation

Addr ( )

IMPORT_C TBuf8< KMaxAddrSize > &Addr()

Return Value
The bearer-specific address information.

Addr ( )

IMPORT_C const TBuf8< KMaxAddrSize > &Addr()const

Return Value
The bearer-specific address information.

BearerUid ( )

IMPORT_C TUid &BearerUid()

Return Value
The bearer UID. Set this to null to make the address null.

BearerUid ( )

IMPORT_C TUidBearerUid()const

Return Value
The bearer UID.

IsNull ( )

IMPORT_C TBoolIsNull()const

The address is null if the bearer UID is the null UID.

Return Value
ETrue if the address is invalid/null, EFalse otherwise.

operator== ( const TRemConAddress & )

IMPORT_C TBooloperator==(const TRemConAddress &aRhs)const

Equality operator.

Return Value
ETrue if both bearer UIDs and sets of bearer-specific information match, EFalse otherwise.