c32comm.h File Reference

Detailed Description

C32 header file to be included by the clients. Defines the main interface to C32, RCommServ and RComm

StartC32 ( )

IMPORT_C TIntStartC32()

Start the Rootserver and services, this function in C32 is DEPRECATED and will be removed in the near future.

Instead one should link to c32root.dll and use the StartC32() from that library.

Return Value
TInt - An error code

StartC32WithCMISuppressions ( const TDesC & )

IMPORT_C TIntStartC32WithCMISuppressions(const TDesC &aCMISuppressionList)

Enum TCommAccess

Specifies the mode in which a port is opened.

We specify the mode when it is opened, and the mode cannot thereafter be changed. If we open the port in Shared mode, other clients of the comms server can use the same port while we have it open. If we open the port in Exclusive mode, then it is locked for our own use and any attempt to access it from another process will fail. Furthermore, our own attempt to open a port in exclusive mode will fail if another process has already opened the port in shared mode.

Infra-red ports using IRCOMM.CSY can be opened in either shared or exclusive mode. However they SHOULD only be opened in Exclusive mode, since opening them any other way warm-boots the computer.


Once open, the port cannot be used by any other RComm clients. An attempt to open a port in exclusive mode will fail if another process has already opened the port in shared mode.


The port can be shared by other RComm clients who open in the same mode.


Allows another client to pre-empt the session with an open request in one of the other two modes. The port will be lost if other clients are trying to open it.


const TUintKCommBufferFull

Use full buffering. Used by RComm::SetMode().


const TUintKCommBufferPartial

Use partial buffering. Used by RComm::SetMode().

Enum TC32Trace

trace flags for debugging purposes


Typedef TCommServerConfig

typedef TPckgBuf< TCommServerConfigV01 >TCommServerConfig

Package buffer for a server configuration object. TCommServerConfig is used as an argument to RComm::Mode() and RComm::SetMode().


const TIntKMaxPortDescription

Maximum length of port full name, TPortDescription (48 characters).


const TIntKMaxPortName

Maximum length of the Port Prefix format name, as used by TPortName (16 characters).


const TUintKCommResetRx

Reset the receive buffer


const TUintKCommResetTx

Reset the transmit buffer

Typedef TPortName

typedef TBuf< KMaxPortName >TPortName

Port name. Used by TSerialInfo::iName.

Typedef TPortDescription

typedef TBuf< KMaxPortDescription >TPortDescription

Full port name/description. Used by TSerialInfo::iDescription.

Enum TCommRole

Specifies the DTE/DCE role in which a port is opened.

See also: RComm::Open()


Port takes on role of DTE. (DTE=computer). This is the default.


Port takes on role of DCE. (DCE=modem).