QWebHitTestResult Class Reference

#include <mw/QtWebKit/qwebframe.h>

class QWebHitTestResult

The QWebHitTestResult class provides information about the web page content after a hit test.

Detailed Description

4.4 QtWebKit
QWebHitTestResult is returned by QWebFrame::hitTestContent() to provide information about the content of the web page at the specified position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QWebHitTestResult ( )


Constructs a null hit test result.

QWebHitTestResult ( const QWebHitTestResult & )

QWebHitTestResult(const QWebHitTestResult &other)

Constructs a hit test result from other.

~QWebHitTestResult ( )



Member Function Documentation

alternateText ( )

QString alternateText()const

Returns the alternate text of the element. This corresponds to the HTML alt attribute.

boundingRect ( )

4.5 Returns the bounding rect of the element.

element ( )

QWebElement element()const
4.6 Returns the underlying DOM element as QWebElement.

enclosingBlockElement ( )

QWebElement enclosingBlockElement()const
4.6 Returns the block element that encloses the element hit.
A block element is an element that is rendered using the CSS "block" style. This includes for example text paragraphs.

frame ( )

QWebFrame *frame()const

Returns the frame the hit test was executed in.

imageUrl ( )

QUrl imageUrl()const

Returns the url of the image.

isContentEditable ( )


Returns true if the content is editable by the user; otherwise returns false.

isContentSelected ( )


Returns true if the content tested is part of the selection; otherwise returns false.

isNull ( )


Returns true if the hit test result is null; otherwise returns false.

linkElement ( )

QWebElement linkElement()const
4.6 Returns the element that represents the link.

See also: linkTargetFrame()

linkTargetFrame ( )

QWebFrame *linkTargetFrame()const

Returns the frame that will load the link if it is activated.

See also: linkElement()

linkText ( )

QString linkText()const

Returns the text of the link.

linkTitle ( )

QUrl linkTitle()const

Returns the title of the link.

linkUrl ( )

QUrl linkUrl()const

Returns the url to which the link points to.

operator= ( const QWebHitTestResult & )

QWebHitTestResult &operator=(const QWebHitTestResult &other)

Assigns the other hit test result to this.

pixmap ( )

QPixmap pixmap()const

Returns a QPixmap containing the image. A null pixmap is returned if the element being tested is not an image.

pos ( )


Returns the position where the hit test occured.

title ( )

QString title()const

Returns the title of the nearest enclosing HTML element.