TasExtensionInterface Class Reference

#include <ext/app/exttesttools/tasextensioninterface.h>

class TasExtensionInterface

TasExtensionInterface provides additional services that can be provided for the qttasserver to perform.

Public Member Functions
virtual ~TasExtensionInterface()
pure virtual boolperformCommand(TasCommandModel &, QByteArray &)
pure virtual QByteArray traverseApplication(TasCommandModel &)

Detailed Description

TasExtensionInterface implementations will be loaded by the qttasserver when ui state is requested. Implementing classes can add platform specific details such as the ui state.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~TasExtensionInterface ( )

~TasExtensionInterface()[inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

performCommand ( TasCommandModel &, QByteArray & )

boolperformCommand(TasCommandModel &commandModel,
QByteArray &response
)[pure virtual]

Perform the commands described ib the command model. The requester socket can be used to respond to the caller of the command. Returns false if the command is not handled. When handling a command return true and set the response message to the response QByteArray. Note that only on plugin is allowed to handle a command and respond. So a true returns value will have an affect that no other plugin get's after it.

traverseApplication ( TasCommandModel & )

QByteArray traverseApplication(TasCommandModel &commandModel)[pure virtual]

Provide application ui details not provided by the qt traversers. If the QByteArray returned is null it will not be appended to the response message. Empty implementations should return a null QByteArray.