CEikInfoMsgWin Class Reference

#include <mw/eikmsg.h>

class CEikInfoMsgWin : public CEikMsgWin, public MEikInfoMsgWin

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Enables construction of an information message window.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CEikInfoMsgWin ( CEikonEnv & )

IMPORT_CCEikInfoMsgWin(CEikonEnv &aEikonEnv)

Constructs an information message for the specified Uikon environment.

aEikonEnvThe Uikon environment for which the information message is constructed.

Member Function Documentation

CancelDisplay ( )

IMPORT_C voidCancelDisplay()

Reimplemented from CEikMsgWin::CancelDisplay()

ConstructL ( RWindowGroup &, TInt )

IMPORT_C voidConstructL(RWindowGroup &aWindowGroup,
TIntaParam = 0

Completes construction.

aWindowGroupThe window group for which the information message is constructed.
aParamAn extra parameter

Release ( )

IMPORT_C voidRelease()[virtual]

Reimplemented from MEikInfoMsgWin::Release()

StartDisplay ( const TDesC &, TGulAlignment )

IMPORT_C voidStartDisplay(const TDesC &aText,

StartDisplaySpecifyingDuration ( const TDesC &, TGulAlignment, TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32 )

IMPORT_C voidStartDisplaySpecifyingDuration(const TDesC &aText,

Reimplemented from MEikInfoMsgWin::StartDisplaySpecifyingDuration(const TDesC &,TGulAlignment,TTimeIntervalMicroSeconds32)

Displays an information message window for a specified duration.

aTextThe text for the information message.
aCornerThe alignment for the information message.
aDurationThe time period for the information message.