TFindThread Class Reference

#include <e32std.h>

class TFindThread : public TFindHandleBase

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Searches for threads by pattern matching against the names of thread objects.

The match pattern can be set into this object at construction; it can also be changed at any time after construction by using TFindHandleBase::Find().

After construction, call TFindThread::Next() repeatedly to find successive threads whose names match the current pattern. A successful call to TFindThread::Next() means that a matching thread has been found. To open a handle on this thread, call RThread::Open() and pass a reference to this TFindThread.

See also: RThread

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TFindThread ( )


Constructs this object with a default match pattern.

The default match pattern, as implemented by the base class, is the single character *.

A new match pattern can be set after construction by calling TFindHandleBase::Find().

See also: TFindHandleBase::Find

TFindThread ( const TDesC & )

TFindThread(const TDesC &aMatch)[inline]

Constructs this object with the specified match pattern.

A new match pattern can be set after construction by calling the TFindHandleBase::Find().

See also: TFindHandleBase::Find

Member Function Documentation

Next ( TFullName & )

IMPORT_C TIntNext(TFullName &aResult)

Gets the full name of the next global thread which matches the match pattern.

aResultA reference to a TBuf descriptor with a defined maximum length. If a matching global thread is found, its full name is set into this descriptor. If no matching global thread is found, the descriptor length is set to zero.
Return Value
KErrNone if successful, otherwise one of the other system-wide error codes.