CBioAsyncWaiter Class Reference

#include <mw/cbioasyncwaiter.h>

Link against: biut.lib

class CBioAsyncWaiter : public CActive

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Utility class for waiting for asychronous requests.

This class allows asynchronous requests to be made from synchronous objects. This object is used by passing its iStatus to an asynchronous request and then calling Start(). The result of the request can be obtained by calling the Result() method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CBioAsyncWaiter ( )



Also cancels any outstanding requests.

Member Function Documentation

NewLC ( )

IMPORT_C CBioAsyncWaiter *NewLC()[static]

Standard 2-phase contruction.

Allocates and initialises the object.

Return Value
A pointer to the created object.

Result ( )

IMPORT_C TIntResult()const

Obtains the result of the asynchronous request.

Returns the error code of the last asynchronous request that was made.

Return Value
KErrNone is request was successful, otherwise the error code that the request completed with.

StartAndWait ( )

IMPORT_C voidStartAndWait()

Starts the asynchronous request.

Starts the active scheduler and waits for the asynchronous request to complete.