MContactSynchroniser Class Reference

#include <app/cntsync.h>

class MContactSynchroniser
Public Member Enumerations
enumTValidateOperation { ERead, ESearch, EEdit }
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidCancelNotifyRequest(TUid)
pure virtual TInt DeleteContact(TContactItemId)
pure virtual TContactItemId GroupIdL(TUid)
pure virtual TContactItemId ICCTemplateIdL(TUid)
pure virtual TBool IsSynchronisedL(TUid)
pure virtual voidNotifySyncStateChange(TRequestStatus &, TUid)
pure virtual TInt PhonebookList(RArray< TUid > &)
pure virtual voidRelease()
pure virtual voidUpdatePostWriteL(const CContactICCEntry &)
pure virtual TInt ValidateContact(TValidateOperation, TContactItemId)
pure virtual TInt ValidateWriteContact(CContactICCEntry &)

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for a contacts phonebook synchroniser.

It should be inherited by classes which implement the phonebook synchroniser API. The plug-in should have a second UID of 0x101F4A6E (KUidContactSynchroniserDll).

Member Enumeration Documentation

Enum TValidateOperation


Check a cached ICC contact can be read


Check a cached ICC contact can be searched Check a cached ICC contact can be edited

Member Function Documentation

CancelNotifyRequest ( TUid )

voidCancelNotifyRequest(TUidaPhonebookUid)[pure virtual]

DeleteContact ( TContactItemId )

TInt DeleteContact(TContactItemIdaId)[pure virtual]

GroupIdL ( TUid )

TContactItemId GroupIdL(TUidaPhonebookUid)[pure virtual]

ICCTemplateIdL ( TUid )

TContactItemId ICCTemplateIdL(TUidaPhonebookUid)[pure virtual]

IsSynchronisedL ( TUid )

TBool IsSynchronisedL(TUidaPhonebookUid)[pure virtual]

NotifySyncStateChange ( TRequestStatus &, TUid )

voidNotifySyncStateChange(TRequestStatus &aStatus,
)[pure virtual]

PhonebookList ( RArray< TUid > & )

TInt PhonebookList(RArray< TUid > &aPhonebookList)[pure virtual]

Release ( )

voidRelease()[pure virtual]

UpdatePostWriteL ( const CContactICCEntry & )

voidUpdatePostWriteL(const CContactICCEntry &aContactItem)[pure virtual]

ValidateContact ( TValidateOperation, TContactItemId )

TInt ValidateContact(TValidateOperationaOp,
)[pure virtual]

ValidateWriteContact ( CContactICCEntry & )

TInt ValidateWriteContact(CContactICCEntry &aContactItem)[pure virtual]