CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser Class Reference

#include <cntdb.h>

class CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser : public CContactPhoneNumberParser

Inherits from

Detailed Description

It provides Ecom Framework based facilities to resolve and load the appropriate implementations at run-time. The framework supplies a default resolver for selecting appropriate implementations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser ( )

~CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser()[inline, virtual]

The destruction of the interface implementation referred to by iDtor_ID_Key

Member Function Documentation

NewL ( TUid )

CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser *NewL(TUidaImplementationUid)[static, inline]

Allocates and Instantiates an interface implementation to satisfy the specified interface.

aImplementationUiddenotes the type of implemetation that need to be loaded.
Return Value
A pointer to a newly allocated and initialised object of type CContactEcomPhoneNumberParser.