CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler Class Reference

#include <mw/coeview.h>

class CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler : public CCoeStatic

Inherits from

Detailed Description

A default screen device change handler.

This class is used to activate a default view when a screen "flip" occurs, if the currently active view does not implement MCoeView::ViewScreenDeviceChangedL().

See also: MCoeView::ViewScreenDeviceChangedL()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler ( )


Default constructor.

CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler ( TInt )


Constructor specifying the destruction priority of the object.

aDestructionPriorityPriority determining the order of destruction relative to other CCoeStatic-derived objects. The higher the destruction-priority of the object, the earlier that object is deleted. Objects with a positive destruction-priority are destroyed before the CCoeAppUi object is destroyed. Objects with a negative destruction-priority are destroyed after the CCoeAppUi object is destroyed.

~CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler ( )



Member Function Documentation

DefaultViewOnScreenDeviceChanged ( )

TVwsViewIdAndMessage DefaultViewOnScreenDeviceChanged()[pure virtual]

HandleScreenDeviceChangedL ( )

voidHandleScreenDeviceChangedL()[pure virtual]

Self ( )

IMPORT_C CCoeScreenDeviceChangeDefaultHandler *Self()[static]